Roof Inspection Surveys

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Roof Inspection Surveys and Condition Reports

About us: 

roof surveyorRobert Wakefield has been in the roofing business since leaving School & runs his own very successful Roofing & Maintenance company which has gained high recognition for quality & workmanship within the roofing industry.

Robert's wealth of practical experience & specialist roofing knowledge is an ideal armoury of skills. Robert has the additional benefit of having a lightweight & small frame body which makes his access & agility skills onto most roofs very easy with virtually no damage to the existing roof covering (subject to conditions). 

Robert is very much a 'hands on' type of person who believe in delivering a quality service by always being personally involved with every survey. Non of his work is out-sourced & would prefer to turn work away if he is unable to personally provide this survey service.

cowboy roofersRoof-Check evolved mainly to meet the needs of the Building Surveyor who was unable to provide a close inspection report of the roof coverings due to accessibility & Health & Safety problems on most house surveys for the prospective house purchaser.

Roofing companies are not always willing to inspect roofs free of charge & the quality of their reports & opinions on the scope of work required varied tremendously causing confusion & uncertainty for the prospective house owner.

Roof-Check fills this gap by providing safe access to the roof by experienced professionals who will provide unbiased opinions upon the quality of the existing roof coverings & what work (if any) needs to be completed.

Robert will run through a pre-determined check list of items to be inspected, with photographic evidence as back-up & records for our clients. Fees will be applicable depending upon our scope of work, size of property & ease of accessibility.   


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