Roof Inspection Surveys

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Hard to reach aerial property inspections. Larger drones with special permissions.

These types of specialist roofing surveyors skip the scaffolding! Drone roof surveys will provide you with sharp HDR pictures usually in and 4K video of the property to be inspected.

Their industry-leading image resolution and aerial camera optics capture visuals that are crisp down to millimetres and perfectly-exposed from the brightest tiles to the darkest gutters. With minimal disruption to the property’s everyday use, They will quickly and safely identify structural issues with roofs, chimneys, walls, gutters, parapets, and gables.

Easy to analyse: specialist surveying software and mapping

Aerial property inspection apps sends the visuals they capture to an in-house surveyor in real-time, so as the drone pilots fly, HQ gets to work on processing, annotating, and delivering geotagged surveys. The surveyors can then cross-reference the shots with existing map data, then invite your own surveyors to make their own highlights, and, where necessary, provide a full 3D model of the premises. When you book for multiple inspections, you’ll also be able to compare older surveys to recent ones!

Hard to fly areas?: camera pole roof surveys and tiny drones

The quickest and lowest-cost option for pseudo-aerial surveys are the use of tiny drones or telescopic pole-mounted cameras! While this grounded approach to roof inspections isn’t quite as in-depth as taking the larger drone route, the results more than suffice for professional reports and recommendations. They recommend pole cameras for dense urban spaces where conditions aren’t ideal for safe flights, or for projects which call for a faster turnaround than average — they need fewer permissions, and can often be booked and completed on the same day.