Roof Inspection Surveys

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How much will a roof survey cost 

 Costs for a roof survey will vary depending upon location and size of roof. General prices for Roof-Check surveys are located elsewhere on this web site.

The roof survey cost can also vary according to the type of survey you have. The dearest roof survey will consist of our full written report. Another option is to have a verbal opinion only as a 'spot report'. You can either make you own notes or the verbal roof survey will simply confirm or deny a specific technical point.

Sometimes our roof survey reports are used in litigation should you have a court dispute with your builder for example. Our roof survey costs my exceed our fixed costs should we be required to respond to written evidence or attend court proceedings for example.

We generally recommend the full written report for your roof survey.

If you are adverse to paying for an independent roof survey report then we feel that you are being very small minded and exposing yourself to potential unnecessary renewals or repairs from a Roofing Contractor influenced based report.